Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Winston's Baptism

Winston was baptized this past Sunday. We was joined by many family and friends for the special occasion. He was very good in church. He didn't make a peep when the water was being poured on his head. And of course he looked stunning in his gown....which Daddy didn't like too much! Dad was baptized with Winston which made the day even more special. More pics to come. Thanks Ashley and Kathy for sending these!

Winston with his Godparents, Jason and Barbie.

Okay enough....getting me out of this dress!

Trip to Little Washington

We had a nice day in Washington playing at the river for cousin Drew's birthday. Winston is sporting his new swim shirt from Lenny!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Winston's Weekend

Winston had a very busy weekend. He attended his first wedding and stayed at a hotel for the first time. Winston stayed with B while Mom and Dad were busy with good friends, Kelly and Justin's, wedding activities. Winston had so much fun with B he decided to keep her up both Friday and Saturday night from 3-4:30am talking to her! Lets hope he does better home in his crib tonight.
Winston has a new fun trick, he tries to cram his whole foot in his mouth, he can pretty much do it too! WE forgot to get a good Father's Day picture, but Winston did make Dad a magnet for the fridge at daycare with his picture on it and it says I love Dad. Good job Winston!

First Swimming Lesson

Winston enjoyed his first swimming lessons with Aunt Barbie. I think we have a water baby on our hands!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Winston 18 wks

Winston had a pretty laid back weekend. He did try cereal for the first time. Despite what the pictures look like below, we wasn't too sure about it. He was more interested in trying to feed himself and chewing on the spoon. We had a nice visit with Granny and Great Aunt Hilda this week. Winston received a toy that will surely be a favorite, especially if he takes after his namesake! We have his four month appt this week.

Just lounging in the tub! Winston has learned what fun splashing can be....and mommy has to mop the floor often!


Winston was a big mess after his first meal!

Winston and his new Jonh Deere Tractor from Aunt Hilda.

Winston and Aunt Hilda