Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Although Winston has yet another cold....he enjoyed playing with family over the weekend.
Winston and Dad

If you look closely you can see Winstons puffy eyes....seems Winston may have an egg allergy. After eating a piece of deviled egg he broke out in hives and his eyes swelled. It went down quickly with atarax.

Winston playing with Aunt Sue

All smiles around the Christmas tree for the first time.

Sleepy baby!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend in Wilmington

Winston and I spent the weekend at Figure Eight in Wilmington with family. Winston had lots of fun playing with cousins! He also enjoyed going out on the beach. He is growing bigger everyday. Daycare reports that he is taking steps....but we have not witnessed it yet, but I am sure it will not be long!

Winston playing with Great grandmother, Weese.

New cousin, Spencer...2 1/2 weeks old!

Winston and the"big" boys. Winston loved playing with the big boy toys.

Loves the sand!


Not so good anymore!

But...I will try again!

Wes, Mommy and Daddy, so Wes got lots of play time with Winston.

Winston loved sitting in the plastic toy bin. He would climb in and out and entertain himself for hours.

Dad and Winston on sick day...loads of fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick Again :(

Winston is getting over another bout of sickness. He developed an upper respiratory viral infection which gave him croup like symptoms. He is better but is still coughing at night....which means waking at night....which means little sleep! He was out of daycare until today and has played at home with Daddy, Mommy and Granny, taking turns keeping him. Lets hope he improves so he can go to Raleigh this weekend for Barbie's baby shower! Will post more pics soon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

9mo Check up

Winston had his 9mo check up yesterday and received his flu vaccine. He is now 18 1/2 lbs and 27 1/4 in. He has moved up to around the 20% in both Hgt and Wgt. He is definitely getting bigger and the pediatrician confirms he is a healthy boy! He has two more top teeth coming in. He is starting to give big, sweet, slobbery kisses and tries to blow kisses.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Winston worn out from the weekend fun! Sweet baby!

Winston had a busy Halloween weekend! The festivities started with a dinner party Thursday night....sorry left the camera there so I don't have pictures! Friday Winston had Harvest Day at his daycare, again no pictures....gosh Mom! Friday night we attended Fall Festival at Lawrence academy where many of Winston's friends go to school. Saturday we saw all of his friends dressed up and attended a pre-trick or treat party. The other kids left on a hay ride for trick or treating. We went home to great trick or treaters. Winston enjoyed seeing all the costumes and tolerated his well even with the 80 degree weather! We took Winston to church this morning and then back later on this evening for dinner. He has enjoyed playing with all the kids, but was ready for bed! We shall see how he does with the time change!

Tiger time! Fall Festival at Lawrence Academy.

Love to give Daddy five!

Dad had to tell Winston how he "ruled the gym" at Lawerence, Ridgecrofts arch rivals! Looks like Winston's a natural!

Winston on Halloween on the hay ride. Winston has decided to be a cow today.

Yeah! I like to stand, just haven't figured out how to move forward upright by myself!

Where is my candy???

Oh well, this thing is fun to play with.

Taking a break to get a breeze in this hot costume.

The rest of the gang...Winston is hiding in the back. This was the year of Star Wars!

Daddy and Winston

Baby's first Boo!