Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday WInston!

I cant believe a year has flown by! My baby is so big! He has already had three birthday to come soon. His big birthday party is planned for Sunday, unfortunately with the winter storm our out of town guest will not be able to attend. We will miss you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Winston received his first haircut last week.....and his Dad was the one who gave it to him. Check out the pics below.

Who needs expensive toys? Give me a box and some cooking utensils and I'm good!

Winston and Gunner

Daddy got a hold of Winston's hair after bath time again!

Again with the cooking equipment. Winston had a lot of fun playing with Joyner and really enjoyed the beating and banging!

Oh no, Dad has scissors!

Snip, snip....

Wow, that's a lot of hair!

Okay, so Dad is not allowed to do anymore haircutting!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome baby Madison!

We are very excited about a new playmate for Winston! Olivia Madison Warren...little princess of Barbie and Jason. She is two days old in these pictures. We hope Winston is able to meet her soon....once he gets over his chronic cold! Madison is a sweetheart and was alert for much of our visit. What a beautiful girl!

Winston Update

Winston is really becoming a big boy! He has taken off with his walking skills and is now able to walk the length of the house. He still crawls if he wants to get somewhere fast, but otherwise is enjoying being upright! He also enjoys trying to feed himself, and the mess it makes! Winston had to take care of Granny over the past few days as she healed from a minor surgical procedure. We enjoyed having her around!

Winston and Granny reading a book.

And....story time over!

Winston loves to pull the pots and pans out....future chef????

Fun in the bath with new toys.

Slam dunk! He's a natural!

Daddy thought it would be fun to give Winston a new hairstyle.



What a big boy!

Much more fun to play with the spoon!

Quick walk in the cold weather.

Friday, January 1, 2010

More Christmas Pics

Snack time!

Sleepy baby with Lenny

So many new toys!

Playing with Dad

Taking a break from the action with Wags and Uncle B

Playing with cousins Tanner and Drew

New farm animal stacker

More toys!

Winston loves his train from Sissy!


Winston and B

Look at all the fun paper!

Playing with cousin Sawyer's remote control spider

New bath toy. He loves playing basketball in the bath tub now. Cant get him out!

Winston, Mom and B in our reindeer attire.

Winston's new overnight bag.

A dump truck, fun!

Who needs a present when you have a bow!

Christmas pics

Love my radio flyer rocket!

Fun with the balls!

Santa came!!!