Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winston's Fun Weekend

Winston had a great weekend. Winston had a party at daycare for Valentines day and received balloons from Mom and Ganny as well as a present from B. Then came the snow, which he enjoyed...for a short time. We lack waterproof gloves and pants, so we couldn't stay out long. Saturday Winston was able to spend time with Granny, Linny and B. Linny and B stayed the night and played on Sunday as well. Sunday evening Winston took his first trip to Sunnyside Oyster Bar for cousin Lee's birthday. We all had a great time. Happy belated birthday Lee!
All the boys at the Oyster Bar for Lees birthday.

Yum, Yum!

The birthday boy!

Linny, Sissy and Winston having some fun before dinner.

Winston in the hat Uncle Wes wore as a baby!

Winston loves his new race car game!

Winston knocking down his snowman.

Mr. Snowman!

Winston putting the final touches on his snowman.

Winston did not know what to think at first. He stood in one place for a long time!

Now I am getting the hang of it!

Winston enjoying the cupcake at his Valentine's Day party at Daycare. He recieved many Valentines!

Winstons new kicks. Can you tell which ones Mommy brought home and the ones Daddy brought home????

We retired Winstons first pair of walking shoes. Before long his shoes will be as big as Daddy's!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winston and the Snow

Winston had his one year check up this week. He had ear infections....again....which wasn't a big surprise since he stays congested. Other than that his pediatrician assured us he was doing great. He has really shot up..he is now 29in. His weight has not increased as much, he weighs only 19lbs 8oz. This puts him around the 10th % for weight and around 50th for height. He is now on whole milk and sippy cups which is going well. I have kept our morning bottle because it puts him back to sleep! We will try to conquer this later....for now it works to well to give it up!
Winston's 1 yr checkup with Dr. Dover.

Hard to believe this was one year ago. Wow...time flies!

Winston enjoying one of his new birthday gifts.
He loves to slide!

Here I come!

Winston and Dad enjoyed sledding...Mom was a little nervous cause Dad likes to go fast!

Winston's Birthday Party

Although half of the guest invited to Winston's party could not attend due to the snow, Winston still had a great time. Luckily we have great friends in Windsor and they came out despite the snow and ice. B took a long, slow drive to come on Saturday to help get ready for the party and was the only family member able to attend the party!
All tuckered out from the party!

Winston showing the big boys his toys.

Winston and B

Winston's favorite toy....the paper!

Winston in the middle of it all!

Okay...enough cake already!

Want some Dad?

Lots of kids singing for Winston!

And blow!
Winston likes the older ladies!

Good stuff!

Lots of soup for a cold day!

Bloodys to help keep the adults sane with all the kids!

Winston's smash cake

Winston's Birthday

Winston had a great birthday on Friday and awoke to a white wonderland! Somewhat ironic since one of the gifts he opened shortly before it started snowing was a bathing suit and two swim shirts!

Winston playing ball with his dogs, Cash and Gunner.

Another cake!

Winston on his birthday with Dad. Birthday number 3.

Winston with his Daycare buddies on his birthday.

Nice and messy!

Birthday boy! The hat didn't last long!

Birthday number 2 at Winston's Daycare.

Big kiss for Granny for Winston's pre-birthday cupcake.


Birthday number 1

Winston during the NCSU vs UNC basketball game