Saturday, March 27, 2010

We have tubes!

Winston had his tubes put in on Thursday. He did great! It was over before we knew it and he was back to normal within the hour. Mom took the day off Friday to spend with Winston, we had lots of fun. Granny came Friday night to keep Winston and Dad took Mom to a surprise birthday party!
Winston watching some BBall before bed.

Winston's new Wagon from Ganny.

Cousin Kate taking Winston for a spin in her jeep.

Birthday number 3 of 4. Turning 30 is great!

Winston has helped Mom celebrate her 30th birthday all week! He himself also received a birthday present from his good buddy Tyler. We cant wait to use the fishing pole this summer and he loves his little seat. Winston has really taking an interest in basketball with all the basketball on TV. He is pretty darn good too. . . we are looking for a scholarship!
Tay Tay, Weese and Wes came to take us out to dinner. Winston and Tay Tay got a game of hoops in before we left.

Winstons birthday gifts from Tyler.

I love my new seat!

Mom with her girls during a night out in Raleigh.

Another attack of the hives. The day we went to the ENT visit Winston began to have hives. This lasted for three days. We went through three different prescription medications and they finally went away. We are unsure of the cause but it may have been a sequela to the stomach virus, whatever it was we are glad its gone!

Winston enjoyed a fun day at the park and then crashed when we got home. Unfortunately he woke up with a high fever which led to the stomach bug starting at two o'clock the next morning. The entire family would eventually get it. We kept our ENT appt and surgery was set for March 25th. We are hoping this improves his hearing as Winston is still not talking. The time changed helped his sleeping habits and he is finally consistently sleeping through the night!

Zonked after a long day of playing!

Winston still is not that interested in the animals at the petting zoo, I think the pony was more interested than him!

Winston loves to slide!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More pics from his 12mo photo shoot

It looks like Winston may be on his way to get tubes. We go to see the ENT next week. This comes after trying four different antibiotics for ear infections we have had since early December. We hope this improves his speech as well. Winston may not be talking much but he is definitely wide open. He is practically running now and tries to jump. He loves playing ball and if he cant find a ball he will throw anything he can get his hands on!
Winston enjoyed spending the weekend with Granny while Mom went to play with Barbie and Madison. We both had a great time! We plan to spend a low key weekend at home this weekend.

First boat ride of the year. Cold and short!

Winston and the dogs.

Winston loves the valentines balloons.