Monday, June 14, 2010

June Update

Winston is enjoying playing in the water this summer. He has no fear! He has had a great visit with Great Grandmother Weese as well as baby Madison and new friend Grace. Next weekend he is going on his very first plane ride. B, Winston and I are going to Atlantic City for a week. B and Winston get to play while I am in a conference all day....Linny is coming to visit as well. Winston loves to throw we will see how the plane ride goes. Lets hope we dont get kicked off!

Naked baby in the waves!

Winston as his girlfriends. Look at the way he puts his arms around the girls. Takes after his Daddy! Madison Warren is on his left and Grace Hale on his right.

Grace and Winston. Shortly after this picture was taken Winston stole Grace's passi and hit her on the head. We are working on this. I think Grace will be able to take him before too long!

Grace beginning to walk...coming after her ball!

Winston got to play on a tractor like Daddy's and loved it!

Contemplating his next move!

Lovin the John Deere!

Ohhh...a tractor!

Yummy ravioli

Weese and Winston in the Model A. Winston loved beeping the horn.