Saturday, May 30, 2009

4mo Old!

Winston is practically an old man now....4mo! He is really exploring. Everything he picks up goes straight to the mouth. He loves to chew and loves his toys, which is great because it keeps him occupied. He still has another two weeks before his 4mo well baby check although we did go to the Pediatrician on Friday to check out a skin condition. Winston has started breaking out in hives periodically, we cant find the culprit so hopefully some new medicine will help. His weight at the appointment was 13lbs 11oz. He is not gaining as fast as he previously was so we will address this at his next appt. We hope to begin solids soon, but until he stops having allergic reactions we have to wait.

Memorial Day Weekend at Lake Gaston

Winston had his first Lake trip and first boat outing over Memorial Day Weekend. We also celebrated Kelly's and Ashley's Birthdays!

Ashley and Tyler hanging out.

Crazy Uncle Jason!

Mom and Winston

Dad and Winston...water was a little too cold for Winston to have a dip.

First boating trip!

At first Winston didn't know what to think about the life jacket.

Winston loved Uncle Timmey!

Winston likes kisses from the ladies!

Taking it all in with Barbie

More Pics from Mothers Day and the Beach

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winston's First Beach Trip

Winston had his first trip to the beach last weekend. We crashed Kelly's Bachelorette weekend in South Carolina. He had a great time with all the pretty girls! He enjoyed spending time outside in the beautiful weather. He also got to meet Mclean....who knows....maybe a future girlfriend!
Winston enjoyed spending time with Auntie Wags...we are still working on the name. She came along as the nanny for the weekend. I was able to have fun with the girls and get some sleep! I think we have cured her of her baby fever.
It was nice being able to spend so much time with Winston. I was able to see him roll all the way over for the first time. I also noticed that he is reaching for and grabbing his toys. He is really concentrating on his hand movements. He apparently does have a bad habit as well.....sucking his thumb. All weekend he would spit out his pacifier and go for the thumb. Ashley, the dentist in the group, tells me we need to work on this....but it is so darn cute!

Winston was not to sure about the shades.

Snoozing away!

Mclean's and Winston's first meeting.

Tyler and Winston enjoying the waves.

Winston loves the water!

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was very nice. Winston gave me a painting....with the help of Dad. We spent Mother's Day in Ahoskie. Unfortunately, I accidentally erased the more to come soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Winston's Weekend

Winston had fun playing with Granny this weekend. She spent the night on Saturday so Mom and Dad could go out. We found he is now able to be in his jumparoo..which he loves! He is getting to be such a big boy!