Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daddys 30th Birthday!

Daddy celebrated his 30th Birthday on July 12th. Happy Birthday Daddy!

July 4th Weekend

Winston had a great time in Nags Head for July 4th Weekend. He participated in a parade and played on the beach. He didn't even let a bad cold slow him down!

Trip to Atlantic City

Winston had his first plane trip in June. I had a conference and couldn't part with Winston for a week so B, Winston, and I headed for Atlantic City, NJ. Linny met us there...although she seemed to escape the pictures on my camera! I was busy all day long, so B, Linny and Winston enjoyed the beach and boardwalk without me. Winston even pulled the handle on a slot machine! First plane ride and gambling adventure....big week! Winston handled the plane rides like a trouper. He made friends with the gentleman behind him and threw him his pacifier and toys the majority of the trip. We made it though. All in all is was a very memorable trip.
The end of the two hour plane ride....trying to entertain Winston any way I could!

Winston's first carousal ride. He didn't know what to think at first but quickly realized it was a lot of fun and wanted to ride again!

Winston and B

Watching the water show.
Playing on the beach

Hanging out on the boardwalk

Dinner at Rain Forest Cafe in Atlantic City. Winston enjoyed seeing the animals....but was a tiny bit scared.

Relaxing in the hotel room while Mom was in class.

Winston and B

3hour layover....Winston had the right idea!

Winston loved the planes!

Mom and Winston bright and early at the airport.

Wes and Winston before the trip.

Monday, June 14, 2010

June Update

Winston is enjoying playing in the water this summer. He has no fear! He has had a great visit with Great Grandmother Weese as well as baby Madison and new friend Grace. Next weekend he is going on his very first plane ride. B, Winston and I are going to Atlantic City for a week. B and Winston get to play while I am in a conference all day....Linny is coming to visit as well. Winston loves to throw we will see how the plane ride goes. Lets hope we dont get kicked off!

Naked baby in the waves!

Winston as his girlfriends. Look at the way he puts his arms around the girls. Takes after his Daddy! Madison Warren is on his left and Grace Hale on his right.

Grace and Winston. Shortly after this picture was taken Winston stole Grace's passi and hit her on the head. We are working on this. I think Grace will be able to take him before too long!

Grace beginning to walk...coming after her ball!

Winston got to play on a tractor like Daddy's and loved it!

Contemplating his next move!

Lovin the John Deere!

Ohhh...a tractor!

Yummy ravioli

Weese and Winston in the Model A. Winston loved beeping the horn.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Winston is getting bigger everyday. He still loves to play ball and loves his dogs. He is begining to talk more and frenquently ask for his ball or dog. His latest stats are weight of 21lbs 13oz and ht of 30 1/2 in. He is still small for his age but growing. He loves to eat and is able to feed himself. Since he learned to run a few weeks ago he runs everywhere instead of walking. He has also learned to open doors so he is everwhere and into everything!

We have had some rainy days so we tried to make the best of it and suited up in our rain gear. This did not last long.

Playing in the river at Bs. Winston has no fear when it comes to the water!

Yum! B's orange salad.

Winston, his dog and a ball. Cant get much better.

Winston giving some love to Gunner.

Mothers Day at the Beach

Mom had a wonderful Mothers Day at the beach. We were able to celebrate with Granny and B while attending a friends wedding. Winston loved the beach!
Crashing the wedding and dancing with Barbie

Mom and Winston

Loving the sand with Daddy

Taken right after Winston put his face in the water and tried to drink it.....didnt work out as planned.

Love the beach!

Celebrating Mothers Day with Granny and B

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in Durham

Winston and mommy had a great weekend playing in Durham with friends. Winston was ALL over the place. He is definitely all boy and in to everything! Within 5min of arriving in Durham Winston had busted his lip, skinned his chin and received a bloody two separate accidents. Winston enjoyed playing with his good bud Tyler and meeting new baby Madison while mom enjoyed taking a break with her girlfriends.
Winston's new trick is walking backwards. He really enjoys this...he just doesn't look to see what he is going to bump into. Today Winston fell landing on some of Daddy's tools ending in a laceration to the side of his face requiring dermabond. Good thing mom keeps some on hand!
Pretty baby girl Madison.

Madison gets all the boys attention.

Winston, Madison and Tyler had a great weekend.

Winston and Tyler taking a much needed break.

We love to get dirty!


Winston had a wonderful Easter weekend. He went to three Easter egg hunts and really got the hang of it! Granny came to his Easter egg hunt at Daycare and spent the day with him on Friday then it was off to Washington on Saturday for Easter party number two with B at her country club. The weather was so nice Winston was able to play in the sand and water at Bs house....he throws a tantrum when its time to come in. He had a precious Easter outfit given by Sissy, which he wore to all the Easter parties and church.
Yum, cake!

Sweet boy!

Eating again!

Aunt Linny with the boys at Bs house.

Winston loves the sand and the pretty weather!

Pretty Easter egg! The first egg he made went flying over the table and just missed a little does kind of look like a ball!

Another Easter egg hunt! Winston has the hang of it now.

Yea! The Easter Bunny came to visit!

Winston at the Daycare Easter party.

Hey, its easier to just take them out of others baskets!

Found one!