Thursday, April 30, 2009

Winston's giggles

I have tried and tried to upload a video of Winston playing peek-a-boo, but even if I got it down to 10seconds the file is still too big. He is laughing all the time now and it is infectious! He is the happiest little thing during the day. Now if we could only get our nights to be as perfect we would be in good shape. He was up four times last night! Lets hope it is just a growth spurt! Sorry, still no new pics. More to come soon!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winston's First Week of Daycare

Winston started daycare on Monday. So far he has attended three 1/2 days and has his first full day is tomorrow. They report he is doing great. I am sure he misses playing with Wags who kept him last week as well as all the family who has pitched in to watch him over the past month.
He hit a new milestone on Tuesday and rolled over! It was during the night so we didn't get to see it. I found him lying peacefully on his tummy Tuesday morning. He really likes to sleep like this so I believe I will be finding him in this position more and more.
Last weekend was his first weekend away from home.....with Mommy and Daddy of course. He enjoyed meeting lots of mom and dads friends and even had his first non-relative babysitter. He did great of course....thanks Jamie and Dave! No good pictures to post. More to come soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Below is Winston's 3mo pictures. There are some really great ones of him if I do say so myself....not so much good ones with me. I am not as photogenic as my little Winston! He did really well during the photo shoot, except for peeing everywhere while naked!

Winston's 3mo Pictures

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Winston and Daddy


Winston lost what surely would have been a good buddy in a tragic accident last week. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. We spent Sunday in Washington. Winston attempted church again....and again lasted about 15min. At least he is consistent!

Winston in his new crocks B gave him for Easter. May have to do some growing!

Winston did not like his blue Easter bonnet...neither did Dad.

Winston with his Easter Bunny, this time in his Easter cap....he tolerated this better.

On the way to an Easter egg hunt!

Not to happy about the life jacket. We will have to work on this before the summer!

Winston's first Easter basket. Granny gave the Easter bunny the cute stuffed bunny to add!

Winston 10 Weeks

Winston is becoming very social, smiling and talking all the time! Nights have not improved, still up once or twice, but we are learning to adapt. He was told he had to wear girlie outfits during Easter, so he wanted to feel like a little boy for a while in his camo!

Visits with Friends and Family

Uncle Wesey and Winston

Aunt Linney kept Winston during her spring break. Winston loves Aunt Linney and is sad she has gone back to Maryland!

Winston with his buddy River.

Go Heels!

Over the past few weeks Winston learned to read. True genius! See what book he picked up first...sorry Dad!

Okay, last UNC outfit for now...promise Dad.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Winston's Weekend

Winston enjoyed seeing visitors this weekend. Our good friend Mariah stopped by for the afternoon on Friday and then B and Tay-Tay kept Winston while Mom and Dad went to a wedding on Saturday. Winston definitely loves being outside, so he enjoyed the pretty weekend! Unfortunately the sleeping all night was a one time deal, but he is getting better. Lets hope this is a step in the right direction!

Our first time in the Baby Bjorn facing forward. He was out like a light after just a few minutes outdoors!

Enjoying the rattle!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Winston Week 9

It has been a busy week in the Warren household. I had my first real week of work start Monday. It was really hard leaving Winston for a whole day! I think he felt the same way because he decided he needed more Mommy time by waking to be held several times Monday night. Of course Mommy was a walking zombie on Tuesday. Luckily I had a half day on Wednesday and was off today. Friday will be a half day as well. This will be my schedule for the next five weeks. We are lucky to have great family support which will help keep Winston out of daycare until the end of April. Winston had fun playing with C-C and Granny who kept him Monday and Tuesday. Daddy kept Winston Wednesday and Friday morning and even managed to get house work done and take a shower! Mommy was very impressed! He even changed his fair share of dirty diapers! Today Winston had his 2mo Dr.'s appt. He weighs 11lbs 10oz, is 22 3/4 in., and has a head circumference of 39 1/2 cm....all of which are around the 50th percentile. He had a clean bill of health and received three injections. He took them like a champ and then slept for three hours. Lets hope this spills over into the night. Winston is still getting up twice a night...sometimes more. We hope this gets better soon!