Friday, March 13, 2009

Winston Week 5

Starting to smile!

Naptime for Daddy and Winston

Winston and Mommy took a day trip to Greenville for Tanner's Birthday. Happy Birthday Tanner. Check out Winston's ECU outfit!

Kelly came to visit and helped out with Winston for a few days. Cash enjoyed some much needed cuddle time!

Kelly feeding Winston. Small disaster when the top came off the bottle and soaked both Kelly and Winston. Winston's first bath followed shortly there after!

Winstons umbilical cord finally came off. Winston loves bath time! First bath was interesting. Mommy forgot to plug the drain and we ended up with water all over the floor, Winston peed everywhere and Daddy squirted soap in his eye!

Daddy showing off my new kicks

All bundled up for the cold weather!

Winston in the outfit Aunt Linney gave him. He may out grow it before she is able to return!

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