Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Winston's 6mo B-Day!

Mommy has finally gotten the internet at home going. Sorry for the break in the action. Winston is doing well following a tough week last week. He had double ear infections which were made worse by the antibiotic causing an upset tummy and diarrhea. There was very little sleep in our house last week. Winston stayed out of daycare for two days and B took care of him. After stopping the antibiotic he was back to his cheery little self. We are still working on the sleep part!
Winston is trying different veggies and so far likes sweet potatoes best, although he still gets more on him than in him. He is sitting up and playing with toys and trying to crawl. Won't be long!
Today was Winston's 6mo birthday. He had a good pediatrician check up. He is on the small side at 15lbs and 25 1/4in, but the pediatrician assured us he would catch up once he started to get some food in him. This week I have started him on half breast milk, half formula. It took him a while to get used to this new taste, but now he gulps the bottles down.

Trying to crawl!

Dad and Winston on Uncle Gene's new boat. Despite Winston's face, he enjoyed the long 1hr boat ride!

Playing at the river with B.


We may have a surfer on our hands!

Winston at Drew and Tanner's pool party

Dad and Winston swimming.

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