Friday, August 21, 2009

Week at the Beach

Last week was vacation week in Nags Head. We were able to visit with many friends and family. It was a little hot and the ocean was a little cold, but all in all it was a great trip. Winston spent Sunday morning before we left with his pediatrician. His cough turned into a wheeze so he was placed on two inhalers, prednisone, and an antibiotic. He actually was never fussy, but he didn't enjoy the inhaler. He was able to enjoy the beach and is now fully recovered. I hope to have more beach shots soon. My camera only made it out once during the trip! Winston went home with Granny on Friday night so Mom could relax on the beach for a day and go out to dinner. Being able to sleep in was much appreciated. We are still not sleeping through the night so I will take any sleep I can get!
Winston has been trying to crawl for the past two weeks. I keep grabbing the video camera thinking today will be the day but no go so far. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth then gets frustrated and flattens out to his tummy and scoots backwards. Today he actually managed to bring his arm forward and pull his body I think better get on baby proofing the house! Winston now has two visible bottom teeth. Which of course means non stop drooling. He has not acted like they bother him but the baby ambesole is on stand by just in case!

Winston sitting with Kim and Kathy enjoying the attention from the pretty ladies!

Yum, sand!

Winston's favorite thing during the beach trip....sand!

Winston and Tyler in deep conversation. Winston...suck in the belly!

Winston was able to wear his UNC PJs since Daddy was out of town a night!

Winston with Granny stopping to eat on the way home. Yummy carrots!

Out of all the good food Winston picked pureed carrots, didn't take after Mom!

Winston, Chloe and Henry. Winston has become fascinated with dogs. He loves to watch and pet our two labs...and they love to lick him!

Winston doing a little yoga, practicing his plank position.

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