Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Annapolis

Over Labor Day Weekend Winston, B and I visited Lindsay in Annapolis. We had a wonderful time! Winston did great on the 7hr trip as well as being dragged around with a bunch of women! We even got to spend time with his best bud Tyler on the way home. Tyler was very nice and shared his toys...Winston took it upon himself to slobber all over them! I hope to have more pics from Lenny soon.
Winston has a new trick of standing in the crib. Lots of fun for him until he tries to get down. He is crawling short distances and then scoots. I have more pictures to post soon.
"But Mom, Winston is after my favorite ball!"

Who can knock over the cups first? See Winston's hand coming into the picture....not quite fast enough....shortly after the picture Tyler knocked them over!

Lots of slobber for Tyler's toys...thanks buddy!

You can tell Winston loved the shopping in Annapolis.

B....Winston has to wait until he is 5 before he has a Corona!

Swimming with Lenny. Mom thought it would be fun to sit him on the float and pull him around the pull. He loved it...and then toppled over. No tears but Mom was scolded by the lifeguard!

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