Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winston and the Snow

Winston had his one year check up this week. He had ear infections....again....which wasn't a big surprise since he stays congested. Other than that his pediatrician assured us he was doing great. He has really shot up..he is now 29in. His weight has not increased as much, he weighs only 19lbs 8oz. This puts him around the 10th % for weight and around 50th for height. He is now on whole milk and sippy cups which is going well. I have kept our morning bottle because it puts him back to sleep! We will try to conquer this later....for now it works to well to give it up!
Winston's 1 yr checkup with Dr. Dover.

Hard to believe this was one year ago. Wow...time flies!

Winston enjoying one of his new birthday gifts.
He loves to slide!

Here I come!

Winston and Dad enjoyed sledding...Mom was a little nervous cause Dad likes to go fast!

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