Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Winston is getting bigger everyday. He still loves to play ball and loves his dogs. He is begining to talk more and frenquently ask for his ball or dog. His latest stats are weight of 21lbs 13oz and ht of 30 1/2 in. He is still small for his age but growing. He loves to eat and is able to feed himself. Since he learned to run a few weeks ago he runs everywhere instead of walking. He has also learned to open doors so he is everwhere and into everything!

We have had some rainy days so we tried to make the best of it and suited up in our rain gear. This did not last long.

Playing in the river at Bs. Winston has no fear when it comes to the water!

Yum! B's orange salad.

Winston, his dog and a ball. Cant get much better.

Winston giving some love to Gunner.

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