Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winston's First Week of Daycare

Winston started daycare on Monday. So far he has attended three 1/2 days and has his first full day is tomorrow. They report he is doing great. I am sure he misses playing with Wags who kept him last week as well as all the family who has pitched in to watch him over the past month.
He hit a new milestone on Tuesday and rolled over! It was during the night so we didn't get to see it. I found him lying peacefully on his tummy Tuesday morning. He really likes to sleep like this so I believe I will be finding him in this position more and more.
Last weekend was his first weekend away from home.....with Mommy and Daddy of course. He enjoyed meeting lots of mom and dads friends and even had his first non-relative babysitter. He did great of course....thanks Jamie and Dave! No good pictures to post. More to come soon!

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