Thursday, April 2, 2009

Winston Week 9

It has been a busy week in the Warren household. I had my first real week of work start Monday. It was really hard leaving Winston for a whole day! I think he felt the same way because he decided he needed more Mommy time by waking to be held several times Monday night. Of course Mommy was a walking zombie on Tuesday. Luckily I had a half day on Wednesday and was off today. Friday will be a half day as well. This will be my schedule for the next five weeks. We are lucky to have great family support which will help keep Winston out of daycare until the end of April. Winston had fun playing with C-C and Granny who kept him Monday and Tuesday. Daddy kept Winston Wednesday and Friday morning and even managed to get house work done and take a shower! Mommy was very impressed! He even changed his fair share of dirty diapers! Today Winston had his 2mo Dr.'s appt. He weighs 11lbs 10oz, is 22 3/4 in., and has a head circumference of 39 1/2 cm....all of which are around the 50th percentile. He had a clean bill of health and received three injections. He took them like a champ and then slept for three hours. Lets hope this spills over into the night. Winston is still getting up twice a night...sometimes more. We hope this gets better soon!

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