Friday, January 1, 2010


I realize we have a lot of catching up to do since I have not posted in over a month. We have been busy with the holidays. Since Thanksgiving Winston has been fighting a nasty cough. We have been taking steroid and albuterol nebulizer treatments as well as antibiotics. Still coughing! Last week he ran a fever so I took him back in and we got the diagnosis of bronchitis as well as ear infections that had not cleared from the previous visit. He is eating and playing so I hope he will be well soon. Winston is now walking....although he still prefers to crawl. He can get around much faster crawling, but is increasing his walking time every day. He enjoyed the new toys during Christmas, but wasn't in to opening presents. Mom got a new camera...since the old one is I hope to be better at posting pics. More Christmas pics from the new camera soon!

Preparing for Santa

Making a mess! Loves to crawl under and through things.

My very first Christmas!

Santa was not a big hit this year. Winston took one look at him and screamed! Now he is scared of anyone with a beard!

Winston will grow to love Santa....but not this year!

Decorating the tree.

Would rather eat the ornaments then but this on!

Picking out the Christmas tree.

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