Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winston Update

Winston is really becoming a big boy! He has taken off with his walking skills and is now able to walk the length of the house. He still crawls if he wants to get somewhere fast, but otherwise is enjoying being upright! He also enjoys trying to feed himself, and the mess it makes! Winston had to take care of Granny over the past few days as she healed from a minor surgical procedure. We enjoyed having her around!

Winston and Granny reading a book.

And....story time over!

Winston loves to pull the pots and pans out....future chef????

Fun in the bath with new toys.

Slam dunk! He's a natural!

Daddy thought it would be fun to give Winston a new hairstyle.



What a big boy!

Much more fun to play with the spoon!

Quick walk in the cold weather.

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