Monday, April 12, 2010


Winston had a wonderful Easter weekend. He went to three Easter egg hunts and really got the hang of it! Granny came to his Easter egg hunt at Daycare and spent the day with him on Friday then it was off to Washington on Saturday for Easter party number two with B at her country club. The weather was so nice Winston was able to play in the sand and water at Bs house....he throws a tantrum when its time to come in. He had a precious Easter outfit given by Sissy, which he wore to all the Easter parties and church.
Yum, cake!

Sweet boy!

Eating again!

Aunt Linny with the boys at Bs house.

Winston loves the sand and the pretty weather!

Pretty Easter egg! The first egg he made went flying over the table and just missed a little does kind of look like a ball!

Another Easter egg hunt! Winston has the hang of it now.

Yea! The Easter Bunny came to visit!

Winston at the Daycare Easter party.

Hey, its easier to just take them out of others baskets!

Found one!

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