Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in Durham

Winston and mommy had a great weekend playing in Durham with friends. Winston was ALL over the place. He is definitely all boy and in to everything! Within 5min of arriving in Durham Winston had busted his lip, skinned his chin and received a bloody two separate accidents. Winston enjoyed playing with his good bud Tyler and meeting new baby Madison while mom enjoyed taking a break with her girlfriends.
Winston's new trick is walking backwards. He really enjoys this...he just doesn't look to see what he is going to bump into. Today Winston fell landing on some of Daddy's tools ending in a laceration to the side of his face requiring dermabond. Good thing mom keeps some on hand!
Pretty baby girl Madison.

Madison gets all the boys attention.

Winston, Madison and Tyler had a great weekend.

Winston and Tyler taking a much needed break.

We love to get dirty!

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