Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

Winston enjoyed some extra attention this weekend from good friend Stacey. He was pretty good during his daylong shopping spree on Saturday depspite coming down with a nasty virus. After arriving home on Saturday Winston's temperature spiked to 104.1. Amazingly he played and ate like nothing was wrong. Winston was seen by his peditrician on Monday and his blood work and flu swaps were negative. His ears were clear as it looks like a virus. He did become a little fussy on Sunday and his appetite dropped, but it is picking back up. We did have a few nights of wanting to be held....all night long...which has led to an exhausted Mom! He has decided he wants Mom in the middle of the night and Dad to play with during the day....not fair. Hopefully we will be 100% for the upcoming Halloween parties and trick or treating! Other than the illness not much to report..although Winston has become a pro at throwing things. He things it is great fun to throw a ball and chase after it. He has also learned if he wants to get an object...or two.... from one room to another he can throw it, then crawl to it, then throw it again. Great fun!

Winston's attempt to feed himself. Anything to get food in him!

Winston in the middle of a dance move!

Check out my new sneaks!

Happy boy!

Winston eating breakfast at Stacey's. She is a very good entertainer, he ate all his cereal!

Winston and Stacey at dinner Friday night.

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