Monday, October 12, 2009

Winston Update

Winston has had a busy past couple of weekends. He spent the weekend before last playing with Granny while Mom and Dad spent a weekend with friends for the UNC game and for our anniversary. This was the longest I have been away from Winston. We both did great!
Last weekend Winston and I went to visit Weese and Tay-Tay during the afternoon on Friday and then had dinner with Granny and cousin Lauren for Lauren's 21st birthday. Happy Birthday Lauren! Saturday Winston played in Ahoskie and then came home with B while Mom and Dad went to a party. He was able to see lots of family!
Winston is getting his top two teeth in, which has led to lots and lots of drooling. He is standing for several seconds and walking holding on to furniture and my hands...but no steps yet. He is working on it though!
We will be missing Dad for the next few days. He flies out for Canada to go duck hunting tomorrow. We will miss him!

Winston at the park. He loves to swing!

B and Winston after church.

Winston dancing with Weese.

Winston and Weese.

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